Even today, Satyajit Ray rules the hearts of his fans, this film was successful
Even today, Satyajit Ray rules the hearts of his fans, this film was successful

The stalwarts and filmmakers of the Indian cinema world who gave a unique identity to the Indian cinema world at the international level through their films. Remembered as a famous filmmaker of the Indian film industry, Satyajit Ray was born on May 2, 1921, in a high-profile family in Calcutta. Satyajit Ray was awarded the Oscar honour in 1992 in view of his remarkable career.

Satyajit Ray's grandfather Upendra Kishore Ray was a scientist, while his father Sukumar Ray was a writer. Satyajit Ray completed his graduation from the famous Presidency College in Calcutta. After this, at the behest of his mother, he took admission in Rabindranath Tagore's Santiniketan, where he got a chance to come close to nature.

Satyajit Ray's Career Beginning: Satyajit Ray started his career in 1943 with the British Advertising Company as a junior wizard, where he used to get 18 rupees a month as remuneration. Meanwhile, he joined DK Gupta's publication house Signet Press and started working as a cover designer. As a designer, he designed many books, in which Jawaharlal Nehru's Discovery of India is prominent. After this, in 1949, Satyajit Ray met French director Jean Renoir, who had come to Calcutta in those days in search of a shooting location for his film The River. Jean Raynor recognized Satyajit Ray's talent and advised him to take up filmmaking.

Success from this film: Satyajit Ray got a chance to move to London in 1950 due to the work of his company where he watched about 99 English films. During this time, he got a chance to watch the English film Bicycle. Satyajit Ray was very impressed with the story of the film and decided to become a filmmaker. The pace of production of the film Pather Panchali slowed down. Later, the film could be completed with the support of the West Bengal government. Released in the year 1955, Pather Panchali showed housefull for about 13 weeks in a Kolkata theatre, the film was also given the special award for best human document at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival held every year in France.

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