Every woman should do this job before going to bed at night, will get immense pleasure
Every woman should do this job before going to bed at night, will get immense pleasure

Homes in India have some traditions that our elders have been following for centuries and are still followed. There are many things that people today don't do because they have embraced modernity and consider old things to be wrong. So today we're going to tell you about women who, if they do it at night before going to bed, start getting riches in their homes, let us know about those things.

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- It says that the broom should be concealed in the southwest direction as keeping it near the main gate spoils the relationship with the neighbours and Lakshmi is unable to enter the house.

- It is said that if an outsider asks you for milk or curd at sunset, it does not allow Lakshmi to leave the house as it can cause discord in the house.

- It is believed that one should never leave the kitchen utensils after dinner but should sleep only by cleaning the kitchen completely. Doing so maintains the prosperity of the house.

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- If you want splendour and happiness in your home, don't sleep at night without washing the utensils and cleaning the kitchen before going to bed.

- Women who open their hair before bedtime at night are in distress.

- Women in the house are said to burn a lamp of ghee near the Tulsi plant in the evening as doing so does not cause stress in the house.

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