Everyone uses their parent's contacts: Urvashi Dholakia's son
Everyone uses their parent's contacts: Urvashi Dholakia's son

In this entertainment industry where acting is almost like a family business, actress Urvashi Dholakia's son Kshitij contest that claims of nepotism and leveraging star parents' contacts for roles should be passé. Often asked if his mother in the acting business is helping him win over some acting assignments in Television or films, Kshitij says otherwise. "This is a very funny question," he says adding, "I feel that this term nepotism has come into prominence now whereas this process of using parents' contacts to further a child's career has been going on for decades! Besides, why is it that this question is only asked to actors and their children? Are there no other fields where this process has been going on? This happens very much in the political, medical and even corporate fields. So, why point fingers only at the entertainment industry?"

Kshitij also says that logically, if his mother was pushing his career through her contacts, he would not be still waiting to bag a good role. “If my mother’s contacts were to help me, it would not have taken me so long to get a break,” he says talking about his TV actress mother Urvashi, who became popular after essaying the role of Komolika in Ekta Kapoor's 'Kasautii Zindagii Kay', is now seen in the TV show 'Naagin 6'

He added: "Acting is something that I have been very passionate about ever since I was a teenager and at this point of time, I'm just waiting for the right opportunity to knock on my door. People do consider me to be a very raw talent, but I know I am extremely hard working and will give my hundred per cent if given the opportunity

Talking about his mother, Kshitij says, "My mother is a self-made woman and she has raised my brother and I with the same thought process and encouragement. I don’t deny the fact that we know a lot of content producers through her, as she has been around for a long time and these people have seen us grow up. But I’m still giving auditions I am trying to work on the craft and improve myself day by day.

In fact, thanks to social media I get more calls after people have watched my reels and not because of my mom, clearly."

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