Shehnaaz spotted with farmers in the farm, fans can't believe watching video
Shehnaaz spotted with farmers in the farm, fans can't believe watching video

Famous actress and singer of the entertainment industry Shehnaaz Gill is at the top height of her career. Due to some reason or the other, Shehnaaz remains in the headlines, recently a video of Shehnaaz is fast going viral.

This video has been shared by Shehnaaz on one of her YouTube channels. On this channel of hers, Shehnaaz keeps sharing many updates and videos. This time, Shehnaaz set out to track in a nearby village in Mumbai. On reaching this village, Shehnaaz along with the farmers sowed paddy and also talked to them. In the video, it can be seen that it is raining there, to avoid this, Shehnaaz, like them, put a foil on her head and started back the work. Then Shehnaaz also ate food with the farmers. The farmers also seemed very happy to talk to Shehnaaz.


When Shehnaaz came out of the fields, her slippers were covered with mud, which she washes and says, 'I clean the slippers, otherwise, mummy will kill me.' Not only this, Shehnaaz said that after cleaning her slippers were worth crores of rupees. Shehnaaz said, "Now these slippers of mine will be sold for crores of rupees because it has covered the soil of the country." Seeing this desi style of Shehnaaz, everyone is only praising. Shehnaaz broke wild berry on the way. Shehnaaz said that she has a doubt about something, so she does not eat. This video of Shehnaaz is going viral on social media.

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