Why did Urfi join hands in front of Raj Kundra? People are saying such things on social media
Why did Urfi join hands in front of Raj Kundra? People are saying such things on social media

Urfi Javed and Shilpa Shetty's husband Raj Kundra has become a topic of much discussion these days. In fact, recently Mask Man aka Raj Kundra had also made fun of the dressing sense of standup comedian J Beach Urfi Javed. After Raj Kundra's comment, Urfi Javed called him porn king. But now in the midst of this controversy, Urfi Javed and Raj Kundra came face to face, the video of which is going viral on the internet. In this video, Urfi and Javed are seen forgetting their dispute and greeting each other. ,

Urfi Javed and Raj Kundra collided in Bandra: Reports say that actress and social media influencer Urfi Javed was recently seen in Bandra with her latest outfit. Meanwhile, Urfi was wearing a brown colored outfit and was also hiding her face through a mask. The paparazzi were taking photographs of Urfi Javed when Raj Kundra entered. It can be seen in the video that Raj Kundrra has worn a special kind of mask on his face in his signature style and along with it he is wearing a black hoodie. 


Urfi Javed folded hands in front of Raj Kundra: In the video you can also see that as soon as Raj Kundra takes the entry, Urfi Javed is seen greeting him with folded hands, Raj also Say hello to them. However, when the paparazzi ask Raj to pose with Urfi, he goes straight away. People are commenting a lot on this video of Urfi and Raj and are seen giving their reactions. Commenting on this video of Urfi Javed and Raj Kundra, a user wrote, "Both are not capable of showing their faces." So another user wrote, "This is called getting 36 qualities of 36."

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