Naagin actress Madhura Gets Hurt After Being Close To Her Daughter
Naagin actress Madhura Gets Hurt After Being Close To Her Daughter

The lives of millions of people are in danger due to the war between Israel and Palestine. So, due to this war, a mountain of sorrow has fallen on the famous TV actress Madhura Naik. Actually, actress Madhura Nayak has also lost her cousin sister and brother-in-law in this war. Madhura herself has given this information to everyone through an Instagram video. Madhura has said, "I am Madhura Nayak, a Jew born in India. There are only 3000 of us in India. Before October 7, we have lost a daughter and a son from our family. My cousin Odaya and her husband were killed. And that too in front of his two children."

A mountain of sorrow fell on Madhura's family: It was as if a big mountain had fallen on Madhura Nayak's family due to the news of the death of her sister and brother-in-law. Continuing her point in her post, she said, "The sorrow and suffering that my family is facing at this time cannot be expressed in words." She further says about this, "Today Israel I am in deep pain. Children, women and old people are all burning in the fire of Hamas. Terrorists are targeting women, children, old people and weak people. Only yesterday I shared the photo of my sister, brother-in-law and their children so that May this world see our pain." 



Madhura Naik is saddened by the ongoing propaganda regarding Palestine: Media reports say that not only this, Madhura has also expressed her sadness over the ongoing propaganda regarding Palestine in her post. Continuing his point, he said, "This Palestinian propaganda wants to show Israeli people as killers. This is not right at all because defending oneself is never terrorism." People are commenting a lot on this post of Madhura Nayak and expressing sympathy to the actress. Let us tell you that actress Madhura Nayak has also appeared in TV shows like 'Nagin'.

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