Everything related to WhatsApp's 'View Once' message screenshot blocking feature

USA: WhatsApp no longer allows users to screenshot messages marked as "view once". The Meta-owned app introduced a feature in October 2022 that forbids users from taking screenshots of pictures or videos sent using the 'View Once' option. Since then, the screenshot-blocking feature has been improved, and the screen recording feature has been disabled.

As the name suggests, WhatsApp's "View Once" feature is designed to send media that only needs to be viewed once. While screenshots initially proved to be a useful tool for circumventing privacy restrictions, they are no longer effective. The app has also turned off screen recording for "take a look" messages to tie up any remaining loose ends.

When you send a photo or video using the "View at once" option, the recipient will not be able to take a screenshot. After doing this Screenshot Blocked will appear.

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The option to record screen is also disabled. The recipient of a 'Take a Look' message is unable to forward, star or share any attached media, and pictures and videos will not be saved to their device.

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If you send a "Take a look" message to users using an older version of WhatsApp, they may still be able to take a picture. There is yet another significant drawback, which can also be challenging to close. The user receiving the media can still record it with a different gadget or camera.

Block shortcuts were recently made available to WhatsApp beta users as part of the iOS update. Both the chat list and the notification panel now include shortcuts to block unwanted contacts.

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Some of the upcoming features are listed below. Users will soon be able to post voice status on the Meta-owned app. Additionally, users will be able to send photos in their original, uncompressed quality. WhatsApp is also working on an iOS 16 feature that will let users extract text directly from images.

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