Good news amid fight for religion, Muslim family performs last rites of Hindu elderly man

In today's time, only the battle of religion is going on all over India, but there is greater humanity than religion. Proof of this is the case. In fact, a Muslim family from Sabanpura in Raja Bazar set an example of brotherhood and harmony. Here, after decorating the meaning of the Hindu elderly man, the last rites were performed by the Muslim people by giving him a shoulder. According to the information received, the people of Sabanpura said that MD Ramdev had come to Armaan's shop 25 years ago. Ramdev was then hired for work by Armaan.

Since then, Ramdev has been doing the same. Arman lived here as a family member. On Friday, 75-year-old Ramdev passed away and Armaan's family and people from the surrounding Muslim community cooperated and prepared Ramdev's Arthi and took him to the cremation ground on a shoulder. After this, the last rites were performed by Hindu customs. On the other hand, Ramdev's death is a shock to Armaan's entire family and it was told that there was no one in Ramdev's family and everything was his own.

The death of Ramdev Sah (75) is said to have sent shock waves across Rizwan's entire family. Mo. Rizwan said Ramdev had brought Sah 25 years ago by a man. In addition, he said that he was wandering for work. My shop is in the name of Madina Hosiery in Buddha Plaza. I hired without asking for anything. Ramdev was educated. He handles my account here.

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