This ex-Contestant of Big Boss accused Congress on terror issues!
This ex-Contestant of Big Boss accused Congress on terror issues!

Actor Ajaz Khan, who has appeared in Big Boss, is in discussions because of some controversy. In the past, he was arrested for a controversial video and was accused of inciting violence between two different communities. He was then granted bail. Ajaz Khan, on the other hand, went live on Facebook on Friday and praised the BJP.

Yes, now this video of Ajaz is going viral on social media that you can all watch. Yes, in this viral video, Ajaz is saying, "We should complement the BJP, maybe nobody notices it, but I notice. So, look good, say good and say bad, that's our job."

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He added, "Muslims who were jailed 20-20 years, 18-18 years, 17 years ago as terrorists, have been released from jail under the BJP regime, under the rule of Narendra Modiji and Under Amit Shah's regime. When the BJP was not in power at that time, there was no Congress, there was no Narendra Modi, there was no Amit Shah, then there was Amit Shah, and there were many people who were thrown inside without any evidence to make him a terrorist, they are being exempted under the BJP rule," he said.

"If these points are not noticed by you, the news that is going on, so many years of justice, that justice we cannot ask the BJP, that justice is to ask us from the Congress, I see, everything is going viral. Five people left Jaipur, three or four people left from Kashmir, from Ahmedabad, from Rajasthan, from where people have left, from where we will be judged if we ask for justice from the BJP, they have to ask for justice from the Congress."

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At the same time, he further said, "23 years ago, 25 years ago, their entire family died, their people died, who left them, who left the BJP, see, good to speak well. Nothing has to target the same thing, what is wrong is wrong, what is right, we don't have to ask BJP to do it, don't ask Narendra Modiji, don't ask Amit Shahji. They have left them."

"And they would have put them inside, but they left these innocents. We should ask for justice from those who did it in. So going viral, some people are questioning Narendra Modiji with Amit Shah, who did not have power, brother, 20 years ago. So don't go on appearances, take your own wise, remember in prayer and keep a taste of Allah's mention." Last time The cybercrime arrested him for a wrong controversial video.

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