Excluding Mumbai and Gururgram, home sales in the country dropped by 18%

Oct 28 2017 09:00 AM
Excluding Mumbai and Gururgram, home sales in the country dropped by 18%

The fall in the realty sector continues. During the July-September quarter of the current financial year, sales of houses in 9 major cities have fallen by 18 percent to 44,755 units. It has been said in a report that the demand for homes has decreased due to sluggishness in the property market. Experts say that this is a golden opportunity for those who want to buy their house. At this time the customer is a king without demand, and he can make a great deal of the builders. 

A look at sales figures during the July-September quarter, the highest sales in Ahmedabad declined by 46 percent and it remained 2,222 units. Sales of houses in Pune have dropped 32 percent to 7,214 units, and Noida has dropped 29 percent to 3,606 units. Sales in Bangalore dropped 27 percent to 6,976 units. Chennai has dropped 23 percent to 2,945 units. Kolkata dropped 21 percent to 2,993 units. Hyderabad decreased 18 percent to 3,356 units. 

Sales in Mumbai and Gurugam increased by 60%. In this period, sales of homes in Gururgrama increased by 60% to 3,342 units. In Mumbai, it was 6 percent higher at 12,101 units. 

Chief Investing Officer of Prog Tiger.com, Ankur Dhawan said that "In the second quarter from the new Rare and GST system, where fewer new houses were introduced, sales declined even in the second quarter. However, compared to July and August, sales in the house increased slightly. However, due to the festival discounts and concessions were given by the developers."

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