Quiz Time: Expansion cards are inserted in?
Quiz Time: Expansion cards are inserted in?

The more important the knowledge of the computer subject in the time of H, the more people run away from this subject, the computer phobia has been seen in most of the students, so in the competitive examination, this is the computer question that reduces the number of students, so today we talk about some of the questions related to computers that can appear for your competitive exams.
Information between motherboard companies travels through
(A) Peripherals
(B) Flash Memory
The mainboard of the computer is called?
(A) Mother Board
(B) Father Board
(C) Board
(D) All of them
Answer: Mother Board

What is the full name of P.C.?
(A) Public Computer
(B) Personal Computer
(C) Private Computer
(D) (B) and (C)
Answer- Personal Computer

What is the location where accessories connect to the system unit called?
(A) Ring
(B) Port
(C) Bus
(D) Yes
north port

What is the full name of IBM on the computer?
(A) International Business Machine
(B) International Brain Machine
(C) Indian Brain Machine
(D) Indian Business Machine
Answer- International Business Machine

Which port connects special types of music devices to sound cards?
Answer: MIDI

Does the entire computer control communication for the system?
(A) Motherboard
(B) Professor
(C) Semi-Conductor
(D) Coprosser
Answer: Motherboard

Is the hardware used to read disks?
(B) Floppy Disk
(C) Disk Drive
(D) Hardware
Answer- Disk Drive

Electronic componentwise called thin plate or board?
(A) Hard Disk
(D) Circuit Board
answer circuit board

Expansion cards are inserted in
(B) Peripheral Device
(C) Slots
(D) Pegs
answer slot

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