Expert digital marketer and founder of Verd Media Tamas Boruah Gives Insights On His Inspiring Journey

"If you are working on something that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.” – Steve Jobs

Driven by the passion to build a future of his dreams, a believer set out to work hard relentlessly and make a fortune out of his vision. This visionary has today become the founder of a celebrated and leading digital marketing company, Verd Media providing holistic solutions that meet the overarching needs of varied businesses and digital marketers.

Verd Media is located right in the middle of the startup hub of India, Koramangala Bangalore. It's stalwart founder is today leading the market at a nascent age began his journey in the year 2013 and has since then scaled his skills to unprecedented heights.

The self-made entrepreneur and digital marketing expert Tamas Borauh began his inspirational journey at a very young age from a place called Sibsagar, Assam, when his peers were busy whiling away their time, he began searching for opportunities on the web and subsequently built a micro niche blog which became his inspiration to strive more harder in the digital marketing industry.

In a short span, he self learnt the nuances and techniques of making it big in the digital world. He moved to Bangalore in the year 2017 and got his hands into affiliate marketing in the year 2018. There has been no coming back since then and the graph of the progress of the dynamic digital marketer has only grown upwards.

He founded Verd Media with the aim of providing one-stop digital growth solutions to everyone and anyone looking to build their reach on web, his master expertise has enabled his business to thrive by the power of word of mouth.

With a marvelous customer satisfaction rate and a committed team of visioaries who are expert in their respective fields, Verd Media is changing the landscape of building enticing and growth-oriented solutions of SEO, Affiliate marketing, graphic designing, brand marketing, social media management and much more.

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