Hope of experts, Trump visit to India will be successful
Hope of experts, Trump visit to India will be successful

Washington: US experts on South Asian affairs are holding high hopes for President Donald Trump's visit to India. At the same time, he says that this tour will be completely successful in many ways.

Trump's visit will be interesting: It is also being said that India Affairs Expert and Senior Member of Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Ashley Tellis said, "I believe Trump's tour will be interesting and totally successful. It is also expected that some progress can be made on defense sales.

There will be hurdles on the business front: According to information received, it has been learned that Rick Rossov, Senior Advisor to the Wadhwani Chair at the US India Policy Studies at the think-tank Center for Strategic and International Studies, has expressed the hope that the leaders of the two countries are on the business front. But we can finalize the agreement to remove the bottlenecks. Where he said, "India is a big and emerging market and an emerging defense partner for America." Aneesh Goyal, a senior member of New America and a former White House official, said, "The visit will be a political boon for President Trump and Prime Minister Modi." This is an important positive tour to bring the two countries closer.

President Donald Trump gave the signal, will compromise only on the benefit: For your information, let us tell you that in the last days, Donald Trump had said that if it will be according to our interests, then we will compromise. At the same time, according to the officials of India, there is talk between the representatives of both the countries, but nothing can be said about the agreement.

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