LPG gas cylinder also has an expiry date, find out how to identify
LPG gas cylinder also has an expiry date, find out how to identify

New Delhi: We use gas to quickly prepare whatever we want to eat whenever we need something to eat. You can see how cooking now requires no effort, and all of this is due to the gas cylinder. Gas stoves are increasingly available not just in the city but also in rural regions. People are moving away from the woodstove and towards the gas stove. It is also quite simple to obtain a gas connection that is likewise very simple to operate. Did you realise, though, that your gas cylinder has an expiration date? Most people aren't aware of it, thus you might not be aware of it. But this happens, and your gas cylinder is about to run out of gas.

Here's the way: If you look closely at the gas cylinder, you see one of the letters A, B, C or D. In fact, this is the number you identify the expiry date from.

Groups are formed: Gas companies do something that is grouped throughout the year i.e. 12 months into 4 parts (A, B, C and D).

Which group has which month?
A Group - January, February and March
B Group - April, May and June
C Group - July, August and September
D Group - October, November and December

This is how the identity of the expiry occurs: Now you must have understood which group consists of which month. For example, if your gas cylinder has D-2020 written on it, it means that this cylinder expired in December 2020. In such a situation, it would be dangerous to use this cylinder beyond that.

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