These giant animals belong to the era of dinosaurs, Even scientists do not even know the whole truth
These giant animals belong to the era of dinosaurs, Even scientists do not even know the whole truth

You all would know that giant animals lived on the earth millions of years ago. Almost everyone knows about dinosaurs, but today we are going to tell you about one such animal, which was called the world's largest mammal. Yes, they used to roam the earth about three crore 70 lakhs from today. They were so big that even today's huge rhinoceros would look very small in front of them.

The name of this animal is 'Paraceratherium'. Actually, it was a species of rhinoceros, which is now extinct. Their skin was also thick and extremely tough like rhinoceros, which did not affect the firing of the gun. You will be surprised to know that despite being such a giant, these animals were vegetarian. So the rest of the small animals were not afraid of them, but used to roam around with them comfortably. Paracereterium had a height of about 26 to 40 feet while its weight was about 15 to 20 tons. The most special thing about this animal was that his neck used to be long like a giraffe. However, scientists are not yet fully aware of them, because the complete remains of this animal have not been found anywhere. Their tail size is also said to be approximate.

Actually, the fossil of Paraceratherium was first discovered in 1846 AD in Baluchistan, Pakistan. Their remains have also been found in many western countries including China and Russia. Scientists from many countries are constantly engaged in research to reveal the secrets of this giant animal. With the extinction of this animal from the earth, it is believed that they were alive in the regions of Asia and Western Europe till about 10 million years ago, but later they became extinct from the earth due to climate change and low fertility rate. 

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