Eye pleasing images that are totally inspiring
Eye pleasing images that are totally inspiring

Females are not always considered equal to male. Most of the time, they have to sacrifice their wants for the sake of their family. From her childhood, she is teached to be generous and scraficing. Women are considered best as they manage their professional as well as personal life very well. Though, it is a challenge for them but they always end up managing it properly.

Today, we are going to introduce you with such woman who balances her life very well. Her name is Krati Mishra and she is really a very creative woman. She has created some really good art pieces and they are simply amazing.

The 35-year-old lives in Bangalore where she is a painter as well as a homemaker. She has a great passion for painting and it is definitely visible in her work. After her wedding also, she continued doing painting.  

The artpieces made by her are really inspiring.

Beautiful and creative 'hand art' made by thes..Pictures:Drinking let them made worst tattoos ..See, how this 'Artist' uses ball pen and creat..



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