Facebook and Instagram servers down, users complain

Sep 18 2020 10:22 AM
Facebook and Instagram servers down, users complain

The servers of the social media platform Facebook and Instagram were down for some time. Because of which, consumers all over the world had to face difficulties. After the server was down, consumers were neither able to log-in to it nor were they able to check the news feed. The consumers filed a complaint on Twitter.

According to the information available on Downdetector, the server of Facebook and Instagram was down yesterday on September 17, after 11.30 pm. This problem was seen in Europe and North America and after that, the consumers started tweeting fiercely. However, the server is repaired after about an hour. Consumers used #instagramdown and #facebookdown, registering their complex on Twitter.

After the downfall of Facebook and Instagram, the consumer started posting on Twitter after getting upset by it. One consumer wrote that there is a delay in uploading photos to Facebook and Facebook Live is also not working. An Instagram user wrote that the news feed is not refreshing.

According to the Downdetector report, the problems with Facebook and Instagram were resolved after about an hour. However, no information has been given to the company on what was the main reason for this problem and why the servers of these two famous platforms suddenly went down?

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