'Facebook' can be used for treating mental disorders: says study
'Facebook' can be used for treating mental disorders: says study

There has been new research conducted which states that your Facebook status updates, likes and even your photos can better understand your mental condition. For past few months, doctors and researchers are using social media for the purpose of understanding the patients and finding a better solution to their current health.

According to the lead author of the study Becky Inkster who studies in the Cambridge University, Facebook is very popular and can provide huge data for the purpose of improving the knowledge of various mental disorders like schizophrenia and depression. As, Facebook is very popular with more than billion users spread all over the world. This means that one in seven people are on Facebook. Use of social media is also very highly increasing with an impressive rate of three times the rate of any other internet application.

The research which was conducted was very broad and stretches across countries, digital divide, homeless youths, people with mental illness and immigrants. Many researchers believe that Facebook is a very good tool to be used for the purpose of detection of mental health.

Data collected from Facebook is a lot more reliable than the data which is collected from the offline self-reported information. Facebook is a perfect tool to provide doctors with the data such as relationship status of the users, their mental condition on the basis of the pages they are linking and photos they are sharing. This is a very effective measure to get into the minds of the users without they been feeling violated.

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