Facebook Hacked! Is your account acting up too, follow these steps to keep your account safe

If you have recently tried logging in to the Facebook news feed, you may have noticed your homepage looking a little different than usual. The social media platform has been affected by some kind of bug or glitch that has seen users’ feeds clogged up by random people sending messages to celebrity pages. 

It appears that, for many, the news feed on Facebook’s home page has glitched, resulting in users’ Facebook feeds being taken over by random accounts posting messages to celebrity pages.

At around 6:40 am this morning, reports of issues on Facebook began to spike on Down Detector, with 78% of reported problems relating to users’ news feed, per National World. 


One person tweeted: “Is anyone else seeing every single post to random celebrities on Facebook right now?? #Facebook #FB”

Another user asked: “What is going on with Facebook? I don’t want to see random peoples comments on pages I’ve liked. Make it stop [mind blown emoji]”

Another wrote: “Hey @Facebook, please sort out your news feed. As much as I love consuming content, I don’t want to be reading every single post someone writes on Kevin Hart’s page [laughing emoji]”

“Is anyone else’s Facebook news feed acting weird? I’m trying to scroll through my news feed, and all I’m seeing are people posting to pages of people I’m following like Neymar Jr, Eminem, etc. instead of my friends’ stuff,” tweeted another.


Has your account been hacked? 

While many users understandably wonder if their accounts have been compromised, there is no evidence to suggest that this is the case.

Because the problem affects a significant number of individuals all over the world, it's more likely that the Facebook algorithm has been compromised by a bug or flaw.

If you're worried about your account, there are a few things you can do to keep it safe.

To begin, you can update your password by heading to your settings and then clicking "password and security."

You should be able to update your password from there. Enter your current password, then re-enter whatever you want your new password to be. When you're finished, simply click "save changes" to save your new password.

Don't worry if you've forgotten your password; you can always reset it. If you're already logged in, go through the same steps to change your password, but this time pick "lost password?" and follow the instructions.


To reset your Facebook password, you must have access to the email address connected with your account.

You may also enable two-factor authentication to further safeguard your account. Each time you want to connect into your account, you must first enter your password and then input a secret login code/confirm your login attempt.

Go to your security and login settings and then click the edit button on the "use two-factor authentication" option to enable it. Simply follow the setup instructions from there.

So far neither Facebook nor its parent company Meta has responded to the issue. 

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