Facebook smart glasses to be equipped with many features, may launch soon

Sep 18 2019 04:16 PM
Facebook smart glasses to be equipped with many features, may launch soon

The world's popular social media app Facebook has been working on smart glasses for a long time. The company has partnered with Ray Ban-owned company Luxottica to manufacture such special glasses. According to sources, Facebook will launch these special types of glasses for customers from 2023 to 2025.

For your information, tell that Facebook has given the code name of Orion to these smart glasses. Users will be able to do all the work done on the smartphone on these glasses. Consumers will be able to talk through these glasses. Also, the company will give a small display in these glasses, in which users will get information like messages. Apart from these glasses, Facebook has also worked on Artificial Voice Assistant System. This AI system can be given in smart glasses. Apart from this, the company is making a ring device in which users will be able to fill their information through motion sensors. Facebook has given the code name of Agios to this gadget.

More than 100 Facebook employees are currently working on smart glasses. At the same time, Facebook has changed the size of these glasses keeping people in mind. But the company has not yet clarified how long these smart glasses will be launched. Apart from Facebook, tech companies like Microsoft and Snap Chat have been introduced. Apple may also introduce smart glasses by 2020. Luxottica partnered with Google in 2014, under which Google Glass device was made. Now the company has joined with Ray-Ban.

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