Facials May Damage Face, Know Side Effects

Jul 11 2019 08:10 PM
Facials May Damage Face, Know Side Effects

In order to maintain the beauty of the skin, almost every girl gets facials by going to the parlor . Facials can cause some skin care mistakes instead of glowing on your face. You need to pay attention when doing this so that the skin is not harmed. You should also learn how to protect your skin from facial damage and facial damage. If you do too, check out these tips.

1. Massage during facials causes damage to the outer layer of your skin, which sometimes leads to facial stains and swelling problems. Sometimes it is also caused by the chemical present in the product.

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2. When you do this, your skin pores open up so that dirt and bacteria can easily make your home. This also increases the production of sebum and causes trouble with the oily skin with the pimple.

3. Sometimes facial products do not suit your skin, causing allergic and itchy problems. Always check and use the product.

4. Scrub is also used with massage when done. This can lead to the chance of worsening your skin's pH balance, which can sometimes cause dry skin problems.

5. Scrubbing and improper massage can cause rashes on the face. They look extremely bad to look at. So always get massaged lightly and take these treatments in a good parlor.

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