Fact Check! Russia-Ukraine is not war, this video is 10 years old, it is being presented by linking the war
Fact Check! Russia-Ukraine is not war, this video is 10 years old, it is being presented by linking the war

The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine for the last 8 days is not taking the name of stopping now. Meanwhile, many types of videos are also coming to the fore, these days a video of a young girl showing an angry punch to a young man is being fiercely shared by linking it to the Russia-Ukraine war. It is being told that this young man is from Russia and the girl is from Ukraine. People are praising the girl very much. It is being said that at such a young age, she is asking Russian soldiers to go out of their country without fear.

While sharing this video, a Facebook user wrote, "Ukraine girl filled with anger is telling a Russian soldier to go out of Ukraine. Here the patriotism of the girl child is commendable, while the patience of an armed Russian soldier is also commendable." The same report found that the viral video is from the year 2012. The girl seen in this is a Palestinian and a young Israeli. Obviously, this has nothing to do with the Russo-Ukraine war.

To find out the truth of this video, first of all, the keyframes of the viral video were reverse searched on the Russian search engine Yandex. On doing so, we found a part of this video on a verified media handle in Dutch language. According to the news received, the name of this girl is Ahad Tamimi and she is a resident of Palestine. On a keyword search, we found images similar to the viral video on the Associated Press website. According to the report, in November 2012, 12-year-old Ahad had punched an Israeli soldier during a demonstration. It is clear that a video from the year 2012 is being presented by linking it to the Russia-Ukraine dispute.

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