Ukraine is famous for the most beautiful girls to the cheapest medical education
Ukraine is famous for the most beautiful girls to the cheapest medical education

These days there is a fierce war between Russia and Ukraine. In fact, the situation in both countries is not hidden from anyone and the people are waiting for this war to stop. The people here are asking for the most help to save their lives. However, if we talk about travel, then some time ago Ukraine was not only one of the safest countries, but there was also a crowd of tourists here. Yes, today we are going to introduce you to some special things here.  

People get income through farming - Just as the people of India give a lot of recognition to agriculture. Similarly, Ukraine is also very popular about farming. People here do farming very happily.

Here are the most beautiful girls who live - In Ukraine girls are very fond of decorating. It is also believed that the girls of this country are very beautiful.

There are huge quantities of weapons - Due to the war, the two countries are being compared, but Ukraine is also not less in weapons. Actually, Ukraine comes in at number 3 because of nuclear weapons.

The cheapest medical education - There is very little expenditure on education in Ukraine compared to the rest of the countries. Due to this, more Indian students also come here to study medicine.

The famous dish of Ukraine- In Ukraine, bros and vareniki are traditionally preferred in large quantities.

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