Fake battery found in iPhone 15 ordered at discount from Republic Day Sale! Know what the company said when users complained
Fake battery found in iPhone 15 ordered at discount from Republic Day Sale! Know what the company said when users complained

In a recent Republic Day sale on two of India's most popular shopping apps, Flipkart and Amazon, a shocking revelation has emerged. The sale, known for its enticing discounts, witnessed a surge in iPhone purchases, with Apple offering substantial discounts on various iPhone models.

The Tempting Offer on iPhone 15

Among the models, the iPhone 15 stood out with a significant discount on Flipkart. Many users couldn't resist the allure and eagerly purchased the latest iPhone. However, one user, Ajay Razzavat, claims to have discovered a disturbing issue with his brand-new iPhone 15 – a counterfeit battery.

The Allegation and Social Media Outcry

Ajay took to social media, specifically Twitter, to share pictures and videos of his iPhone 15, revealing the notification about the presence of a fake battery. In his posts, he narrates how he purchased the phone during the Flipkart sale but was dismayed to find the counterfeit battery upon switching it on at home.

In two separate posts, the first on January 15 and the second on January 18, Ajay highlighted the issue and the lack of resolution from Flipkart's support team. He expressed his frustration, stating that despite his order details (Order ID: OD330202240897143100), Flipkart was refusing to replace the defective iPhone.

Flipkart's Response: A Lackluster Solution?

In response to Ajay's second post, Flipkart's support team acknowledged the concern but seemingly failed to offer a concrete solution. Their reply emphasized contacting Ajay through a call, urging him not to respond on fake social media handles.

Silence from Apple - What's Next?

As of now, Apple has not responded to this particular case. However, incidents of receiving faulty or incorrect products and facing resistance in replacement are not uncommon on both Flipkart and Amazon platforms. Shopping on popular e-commerce platforms comes with its share of risks, and users often find themselves grappling with issues related to product quality and customer service. The incident involving Ajay and his iPhone 15 battery adds another layer to the challenges faced by consumers during these mega sales. While Flipkart and Amazon continue to dominate the Indian e-commerce landscape, ensuring product quality and customer satisfaction remains a persistent challenge. As technology enthusiasts eagerly await Apple's response, the iPhone 15 battery scandal serves as a reminder for consumers to exercise caution during online sales.

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