Fan gives a push to Tom Hanks' wife, then the actor became ablaze

Hollywood's Forrest Gump star Tom Hanks is very popular among people. They are always sharing loving posts for their loved ones. But recently something happened that Tom has openly shouted at people.   Now this video of his has started going viral on social media. Do you also see why Tom got angry? 

Tom is walking out of a restaurant with his wife Rita. Seeing them, some fans started chasing them to take selfies. In the meantime, a fan accidentally started pushing Tom's wife Kajo. Tom was suddenly angry when he saw his wife faltering. He lost his temper and started shouting loudly at the fans. Seeing this, the fans stopped and they did not dare to go after Tom again.  

Users told Tom's displeasure to be justified:  As soon as this video went viral, social media users have also started giving their reaction. One user wrote, "His anger was justfiable. If I were in their place, I would have slapped. The other wrote, "Tom's answer was 'personalized and justified.' They were angry and handled the matter with words. He didn't lose his cool nature. For which I respect them more. One person wrote, "Well done, it wasn't going to be a smile. At the same time, the other wrote- "Compare it to Will Smile, then Mr. Hanks is really gentleman. They pushed Tom's wife, but still Tom didn't slap anyone. While some justified Tom's anger, some called it wrong.  


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