Fancall Application: A Step Towards Global Innovation.
Fancall Application: A Step Towards Global Innovation.

The demand for technological innovation has been growing exponentially over the years. And, while around 38,000 Indian startups are striving to keep up with the competition, Fancall Pvt. Ltd. has set an example by introducing in a groundbreaking application named Fancall –  an application that promises direct engagement between YouTubers and viewers. A revolutionary creation that aims to bring the world closer than ever.

Over the last few years, social media has continued to bridge the gap between creators and their audiences. To take this to the next level, Fancall brings up with a safe, secure, personal video calling feature to enable seamless communication. Yes, that’s right. Fancall connects you directly with your favourite YouTubers. You need not go through a layer of intermediaries or wait days for a reply anymore.

Fancall allows you to video call them at the press of a button.When the creators were asked about the application and its aim, they said, “It took an immense amount of research to implement this plan. The motive behind this application is to reduce the gap between YouTubers and the audiences.” Designed to cater to both creators and viewers, Fancall paves the way for a stronger connection between the two.

Influencer marketing as a career option is on a rise, worldwide, especially for the youth. Those who are have just started out might face a lot of hurdles. So, to level down their struggles a tad, Fancall allows direct communication between creators and viewers, speeding up the journey a little more. After all, engaging with viewers plays a big role in helping creators grow their channel. Time to bid farewell to the days when making a deal with the creators involved tedious formalities and third parties. Fancall allows you to directly converse with them via personal video call. This innovative application also allows micro-businesses to elevate their marketing strategies.

YouTube is currently the second-best search engine we have with us. Being a hub of knowledge and talent, YouTube provides creators a platform to showcase their talent and learn from others. While learning, people often post their doubts in the comments sections, some of which may go unanswered. It is difficult to reply to each and every comment, after all. Fancall tackles this issue by bringing YouTubers and viewers closer with just a single tap. Now it’s time to engage directly with creators via one-on-one video calls through Fancall, and get your answers.

Collaboration is key in driving engagement and enhancing the value of content across social media. Eliminate the complications involved in the collaboration process, including the long wait for replies, and start using Fancall. Enabling one-on-one interaction, this application makes the collaboration process ten times easier.

Fancall Pvt. Ltd. is well on its way to igniting a digital revolution.Serving the purpose of drastically reducing the communication gap between the creators and their audiences, the application’s popularity is growing exponentially, and for all the right reasons. It is world’s first and only application to propose this radical idea. The scheduling process as well as the user interface is developed keeping in mind the KISS(keep it simple, silly) model. With Fancall, creators are just a tap away from their audiences. This innovative feat perfected by Fancall Pvt. Ltd. has already brought us a step closer.

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