Fans got the swag of 'Rocky Bhai' and someone got the KGF-2 dialogue printed on the wedding card"

Movie KGF Chapter 2 is making a splash at the box office. This movie is leaving its mark in the hearts and minds of the people. People have become so crazy that everything from the dialogues to the style of the movie is being copied. have passed. However, the person has replaced the word Violence with Marriage. But his card is getting a lot of discussions on social media these days.

If you have seen the KGF-2 movie or its trailer, then you are going to understand very well about the dialogue with Violence. If you haven't seen this movie, no problem. We tell you about it. In the film, Yash speaks that dialogue when he stands like a rock in front of Sanjay Dutt and starts firing bullets at him. "Violence, Violence, Violence..I don't like it. I avoid! But... violence likes me, I can't avoid". It means- "Violence.

On the lines of this dialogue, a fan has printed in his wedding card that "Marriage, Marriage, Marriage, I Don't Like It, I Avoid, But My Relatives Like Marriage, I Can't Avoid". It means- "marriage...marriage...marriage I don't like this... I want to stay away from it... but my relatives like it... so I can't avoid it." This marriage card has started becoming very viral on social media and it is also being discussed a lot. Along with this, people have also started praising the fan's craze.


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