Mobile games affect kids' physical abilities
Mobile games affect kids' physical abilities

The old beliefs of society are never wrong, it has been proved many times. Of course, modernity has transformed our lives, whether it is science, knowledge, art or energy. Our brains and all our organs go through the energy that the body receives. But, the physical and mental energy of the youth and children is being exploited. 

We have created various communication jars in our life. The consequences have come to us that imaginary phone games are affecting children's minds, affecting their physical abilities. There is no apprehension that medical science has made a lot of progress. But, on the other hand, we look at the change in our living conditions, the kids of urban areas have been imprisoned in one room.

From the same room, they play imaginary collective sports, through Android phones. Childhood affects a person's entire life, it is a proven truth. But in the process of sweeping changes from catering to play, the gentleness of childhood, beauty, wisdom, affinity, compassion, versatility, dexterity and literacy have been adversely affected. These modern games are not at all good for the health of children.

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