Punjab farmer leader dies after speech on agri laws 'Bye! My time is over ... '
Punjab farmer leader dies after speech on agri laws 'Bye! My time is over ... '

Amritsar: The head leader Datar Singh of Kirti Kisan Union has died of a heart attack in the Amritsar district of Punjab. As soon as he finished his speech in a meeting, only then he got a heart attack on the stage and died while being taken to the hospital. Datar Singh arrived in Virsa Vihar, Amritsar to attend a program organized in memory of freedom fighter Ujjwal Singh.

Datar Singh, who is keeping his thoughts from the stage about the farmers' movement, said, 'Goodbye! My time is up.' After saying this, he suffered a heart attack as soon as he sat in the chair, after which he died while being taken to the hospital. It is being told that Datar Singh had returned from the Delhi dharna three days ago and had come to Amritsar to attend a program. He was also to be called on stage and honored, but before that this painful incident happened.

With the death of Datar Singh, mourning has spread among the farmer leaders and their loved ones. His fans say that the shortage of Datar Singh will never be met. He always wanted the interest of the farmers. Datar Singh was also involved in several demonstrations regarding the repeal of the agricultural law. Attacking the central government, he said that instead of looking for solutions to the agricultural law, the Modi government is busy distributing the farmers' leaders. He had said that farmers will not go to their homes until the government cancels the agricultural law.

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