Farmers movement will end today, waiting for official letter

New Delhi: With the withdrawal of agricultural laws, issues like minimum support price (MSP) guarantee law, return of cases registered against farmers during agitation (Farmer Protest) have also been agreed upon between farmers and the government. In fact, the farmers have also agreed to the revised draft sent by the Central Government last Wednesday and it is now believed that the 14-month-long farmers' agitation may be announced as soon as an official letter is received from the government today, Thursday.

Recently, farmers' leaders have said, "If an official letter is sent by the government to comply with it, a front meeting will be convened again at 12 noon on Thursday to announce the return of farmers to the Farmers agitation may end today. After the Samyukta Kisan Morcha meeting last Wednesday, farmer leader Gurnam Chadhuni has said, "We did not agree on the draft that came from the government. We had returned it demanding some reforms. The Government has gone two steps further. We have reached an agreement on the draft that has come today. Now, the Government should send us an official letter on that draft. That is what everyone agrees to. As soon as the letter arrives, they will meet on Thursday and decide. A meeting has been convened at 12 o'clock in which a final decision will be taken.''

On the other hand, farmer leader Rakesh Tikait says, "The draft sent by the government has been passed unanimously. According to the draft, the state government will pay compensation of Rs 5 lakh to the deceased. It is the State Government that will withdraw the case against the farmers. Now, it has been sent back to the Government. As soon as the government officially releases it, an announcement will be made to end the agitation. A meeting has been convened at 12 noon tomorrow. He further said that talks are on with the Central Government on the Lakhimpur issue, which is also part of the agenda.''

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