Before meeting, farmer says, 'Government should withdraw all three laws'

New Delhi: The fifth round of talks of farmers with the Central government is going to be held today amid the ongoing sit-in demonstration on the Delhi border. The farmer leaders are adamant on their demands. Farmer leaders say that the Central government should withdraw all three agricultural laws and set minimum support price (MSP) of the crop.

Farmer leaders said that they are not ready to accept the MSP as less than the Guarantee Act. Farmer leader Jagjit Singh Dalewal said that the government should withdraw the three agricultural laws and bring guarantee laws on MSP. The government will have to accept the demands of the farmers. He further said that we have made this thing clear before, we are doing it even today and in today's meeting, we will remain focused on these things.

He said that whatever the government tries to explain, we are not going to believe. We have said many times to the government. He said that we have also told the government in writing that all the three laws will have to be withdrawn completely. Farmer leader Jagjit Singh said that now the government will have to determine how it leads the way, what it does. Our movement will continue.

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