'Fart' competition held in Gujarat is special, know what happened!

You must have heard about the different types of weird competitions, but today we are going to tell you about whom you have definitely not heard about them. A unique 'fart' match was organized on Sunday in Surat, Gujarat. The contestants were to leave the longest, most bang and most musical foot. Trophies were to be given in three categories for the first time in the country.

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Many people got their names written to participate in this competition, but the interesting thing is that all the peasants were ashamed on this occasion and only three farts came out in the last match and they too could not show any miracle. The trophy could not be awarded to any of the neighbors due to lack of match criteria.

This first of its kind competition in the country proved to be a failure as the three contestants who took part in it could not leave the footsteps and their wind blew. There were only three Bravehearts who always came forward with courage, leaving shame to take part in a fart-related competition that became the subject of laughter.

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The thing to be seen in this match was that where there were only 3 contestants in the match, some media channels were present along with 70 people to watch this match. Despite the failure of the competition, the next such competition is planned to be held in Mumbai.

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