Fashion Influencer Ashu Sethi Asserts That Fashion And Aesthetic Are Best Accessorized With ‘Confidence’

A lot of you must have come across labels like “too skinny,” “too thick,” “not fit enough for wearing that,” or “not of the right color for wearing this,” so on and so forth. We, as individuals, are looked down upon along the lines of conventional body types and color tones. While most of us get deterred by labels like these, some people go the extra mile, to not only leave society stunned by their conviction but also to emerge as the stars as they had always dreamt of.

The Fashion Influencer Ashu Sethi(who is her on Instagram as @indyshades) is a remarkable example of the latter category of people. Her success story is that of a girl next door, afraid to try on newness at first to finally, being that of a multitasking boss-lady, who is not affected by society at all. Growing up, Ashu Sethi always idolized her mother for the beautiful sarees she used to style herself with. Day in and day out, Ashu Sethi drew inspiration from her mother and made it to a point that she wanted to wear sarees as well. However, her lean body shape made her feel a bit skeptical about her wardrobe choices. One fine day, this reality was faced with a change when Ashu Sethi decided to wear a Khadi Saree to her office which was like a trigger to her. Lo and behold!

All of these factors incentivized Ashu Sethi to wear sarees more often; one thing led to another and her journey kickstarted from here.Fashion Influencer Ashu Sethi, as aforementioned, is engaged in a formal sector office setting, her professional job. Her soaring popularity on social media is a hobby, a passion of hers that she channelizes in the best way possible. Well, more than just a hobby, we can say for her that this platform has paved a way for her to reach out to the masses and inspire them. In particular, she motivates girls that no matter what their age or shape is, they should always be donning what makes them feel unique and comfortable. The not-a-secret ingredient to Ashu Sethi’s  determination and traditional fashion picks is ‘confidence.’

The emerging consciousness among consumers for “Supporting Small Weavers,” in a nutshell, of supporting small businesses, keeps Fashion Influencer Ashu Sethi on the move as she keeps on trying sarees of various weavings and styles.

With the neverending flow of love and support of her family (and of course, her Instagram family too),Fashion Influencer Ashu Sethi plans on pursuing and channelizing this passion until her last breath. Her upkeep in this direction has always been, and will always be, #Saree Not Sorry.

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