Sandalwood to increase facial colour

It has become very important to take care of your skin in today's busy life. But we can't do that. You know about expensive products outside but have the trouble of buying them every time. But you don't necessarily always be able to take care of your skin with the help of beauty products. There are some things at home that can help you take care of your skin. If you want to enhance the beauty of your face, it is important that you first avoid the effect of pollution on your skin. Dust, sunlight and pollution are very harmful to our skin.

First know the disadvantages of beauty products: Nowadays there are a lot of creams in the market that claim that they can bring back the glow of your skin. But this does not happen, but the use of these beauty products harms our skin rather than benefits.

Return beauty with red sandalwood like this:

* Red sandalwood is very beneficial for our skin. To use it, first add a few drops of lemon juice to a little red sandalwood powder and make a thick paste.

* Now apply this paste on your face. Wash the paste with lukewarm water when it dries well. If you use red sandalwood regularly on your skin, it will improve your skin.

* In addition, mixing red sandalwood with rose water and applying it on the face also removes acne and acne marks. You can also add honey and turmeric powder to it if you like.

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