Fashion Influencer Shreya Malhotra opens up about the lessons life taught her

The closer we look around, the more we notice how a few individuals have gone ahead in totally changing the scene of their respective niches and sectors for the better. These developments have brought great growth to these sectors, which in turn have created massive opportunities for many budding talents to flourish. Social media is one such space, which has seen the uprise of too many such true-blue professionals, including fashion influencers like Shreya Malhotra, aka Shreya.x. This young girl from London, the UK, has taken the social media world by storm, and this has what helped her become a much more prominent name in the industry at a very young age.

Shreya Malhotra is one of those rare gems standing tall as a social media influencer who is thriving in the fashion, lifestyle, and travel niches and has contributed heavily to leading these niches to where they stand today. At only 20 years of age, as a South Asian fashion and lifestyle influencer, Shreya Malhotra has had a huge impact on her audiences through her powerful content that has turned her into a high-performing professional whose passion for creating content, and her positive approach to giving her best in the same has brought her too far in the industry.

She says that the lockdown in 2020 changed many things for her in a positive way, so much so that it gave a new path to her career and a new meaning to life. From 2000 followers, the fan and follower base reached 100,000 followers, and this could become possible for her consistency in creating valuable content that people can look up to on Instagram and enjoy every bit of it.

As a social media influencer, she got the opportunity to work with top brands of the world like Fashion Nova, Shein, Oh Polly, Pretty Little Thing, and many others. Besides that, for her love for travel, she has traveled to different parts of the world since the beginning of 2022, like Los Angeles, Tulum, Dubai, Saint Tropez, Amalfi coast, Monaco, Santorini, Marbella, and Cruise in the Mediterranean Sea.

Even as a model, she has worked on many shoots, including Payal Malhotra Haute Couture shoot in Dubai, and attended several high-profile events, including many fashion shows for brands such as Oh Polly during London Fashion week 2022.

Currently, this incredible social media talent is studying Business management and marketing at the top Russel Group University in the UK.

Do check out her Instagram @shreya.x to know more.

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