Fatehpur Businessman gets brutally killed, Police indulge in probing investigation

Fatehpur: A sensational case of brutal murder has been reported in the district on Saturday. A kiln owner was beaten to death in his own home on Saturday morning in the eastern company Street. The accused younger brother is on his family and relatives. Police have detained 4 people for questioning.

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Fiercely beaten between the two

As per the information received from the sources, the eastern company Mohalla was sitting with the resident Aamil brothers and family. It is alleged that the younger brother, his sons daughters and relatives, attacked Aamil. The aamil of the hand that began to beat. Even the bicycle was picked up and slammed over them. He died in the assault. Two brothers, who were defending the beach, have been injured.


The cause of death

With this, injured brother doctor Irshad Hussain is a medical officer at Jamia Milia University. The other injured transporter Mukhtar Hussain his wife Shahnaz is injured. Co says that during the conversation itself, there was a dispute with the younger brother Ascar's family and died in the assault. 4 people have been taken into custody for questioning. Other action will be taken on the basis of post mortem report. Let's say kiln owner Aamir is 6 bhai. Police are scrutinizing the property dispute.

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