Father and son murdered a policeman and then ate him

May 14 2020 02:40 PM
Father and son murdered a policeman and then ate him

Nowadays cases of crime are increasing. The matter which has recently come up is of Kharkiv city of Ukraine. A father and son, who reside where the policeman was killed, were later convicted for the crime of cooking and eating him. According to the information received, these two not only killed the policeman together but later also cut his throat and took out his organs and ate them. Even after doing all this, they cooked more organs and distributed to the homeless people in the locality to eat. Both of them were smiling during the hearing in the court in this case.

According to recent information, 42-year-old Maxim Kostyukov and his 21-year-old son Yaroslav Kostyukov were sentenced to 15 years in prison for eating food by killing 45-year-old police officer Yevgeny Zhenya Petrov. According to the news, these three were sitting together and drinking alcohol a few months ago, when all three of them got upset about something. After this, Yaroslav caught Petrov from behind and his father stabbed him twice with a knife and killed him.

Petrov was then beheaded and later his kidneys, heart, liver and many organs were removed and cooked and eaten. In this case, Yaroslav confessed to the police that he had become ill after eating Petrov's meat. Prosecutor Oksana Kernakh told the court that 'Ukraine's constitution does not mention any kind of crime and punishment for killing a human being and eating it, so they can only be punished for murder. 

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