Morena: Teacher father used to rape daughter

May 14 2020 11:44 AM
Morena: Teacher father used to rape daughter

You will be blown away by listening to the crime that has come up recently. The case is being reported from Porsa in Morena district where a teacher raped his own daughter twice. In this case, before raping, he used to tie hands and feet of the daughter. Bite marks have also appeared on the body. According to the information, a teenager had complained to the child helpline through her elder sister, accusing the father of continuously raping her.

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Both parents are involved in this shameful act. According to reports, the police questioned the accused husband and wife in custody. After the primary facts of this incident came to light, the police registered a case and arrested the accused. On Wednesday, medical tests of both were also done. According to the news, no one gets to know outside the house, so the daughter was imprisoned in the house itself. One day, a troubled teenager told his estranged elder sister about the rape done by her father and complained to the child helpline.

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After that, the members who came from there, informed the police after releasing the girl from captivity. In this case, the police made serious inquiries regarding the custody of both the spouses. The biggest sad thing is that the mother was involved in the rape of her daughter with her husband. Morena Collector Priyanka Das said that, "The incident of the teacher raping his own daughter is shameful." The administration will not take any leeway in taking legal action against the accused. ''

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