Father gives painful death to his own 4-year-old daughter, know the reason

Ranchi: A merciless father took the life of his 4-year-old innocent in Jharkhand. Her only mistake was that the child did not study. In order to give a dangerous punishment for this small mistake, his father tied the hands and legs of the child. Then, she was beaten up for about an hour, which took the child's life. Police said the parents were arrested. The body of the child has also been recovered.  

As per the information received, the incident took place at Barigoda in Parsudih. Here Uttam Maity lived in a rented house with his wife Anjana Mahato and a 4-year-old girl. Police said, during the interrogation of both the criminals, it came to light that the daughter was not studying, due to which she was tied up and beaten. It took her life.  

On the identity of the same culprit's parents, the police recovered the body of the girl far away from the house. Police said, after killing his daughter, the criminal had disappeared with his wife. He took the body of the child to Sadar hospital. However, fearing being caught, they ran away from there and took the train and went to Galudih and buried the body of the girl near the station here. The incident was revealed with the help of neighbours. Neighbours said the two criminals were not at home till June 29. On July 4, suddenly Uttam Maity arrived at a rented house with his wife. During this, his daughter was not with him. When the neighbours asked, they said that the daughter's health was bad, which led to her death. Thereafter, when the neighbours got suspicious, they informed the police. Uttam Maity had badly beaten his daughter before he disappeared from the house, said, neighbours. 

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