Man photoshops pictures to turn his son into 'Spider Man'
Man photoshops pictures to turn his son into 'Spider Man'

Children often like to watch superhero movies like Spider-Man and Superman, and they want to be like them. Recently, pictures of one such child is becoming increasingly viral on social media, but the story of this child is slightly different. This child's name is Iloi. He loved watching Spider-Man movies. He began to think of himself as a superhero. He then asked his father Jeremy to bring him a dress like Spider-Man.

Jeremy brought him a dress similar to Spider-Man with special effects. After this, the son made another insistence that he wants to wear a dress exactly like Spider-Man, and he wants to get photographed in the same condition. Now since this was not possible, Jeremy explained to Iloy that this is not possible, because even in films this is not true, but it is a result of special effects. But Iloy being a stubborn kid kept asking for it. Eventually, Jeremy once again had to give up in front of the son's insistence. He caught him and drove him to the wall. He entertained him in many ways and also took pictures of him at different places. But this was not enough for Iloy. Now he insisted that he wants to walk on the walls with his father's help and get photographed.

Iloy's father Jeremy then figured out a new way. With the help of Photoshop, he made Iloy's pictures in such a way that without any support, he was seen walking on the walls and hanging upside down. Iloy was very happy to see this. Now these pictures of him are becoming very viral on social media. More than seven lakh likes have been received on the pictures while more than one lakh people have retweeted it.

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