Father-daughter relationship is shameful, father has raped 10-year-old girl
Father-daughter relationship is shameful, father has raped 10-year-old girl

Ahmedabad: A ten-year-old girl was raped by an unknown accused on Thursday in Sarthana area of ​​Surat, Gujarat. There was outrage among the family members and the local people due to this incident with the girl. After which the police started searching for the accused in this case. Everyone was stunned by what came out in the police investigation. In fact, the innocent girl was raped, not by some unknown person but by her own father. Now the victim girl has been admitted to the hospital. While the police has arrested the father.

In fact, when the police team scanned the CCTV footage installed in a shop near the victim's house, they were blown away. Because, in the afternoon, the father had come home. Not only this, after raping, he himself took the girl to a nearby clinic. Police has arrested the accused father through CCTV footage. After being caught there, the father started crying bitterly and holding the feet of the police said - Sir! I made a big mistake.

Actually, seeing the CCTV footage, the police suspected the father's actions. When the police interrogated again in the hospital, the girl and her sister wept and told that the father had done wrong with her. The police have arrested the father of the girl. At the same time, the accused was not saying anything earlier, but after the daughters complained, started crying bitterly.

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