FB sees 38 pc rise in hate speech, 86 pc rise in violent content on Instagram in April

According to a monthly study provided by parent firm Meta, there was a 37.82 percent increase in hate speech on Facebook and an 86 percent increase in violent and inciting content on Instagram in April.

The majority of the information in the report is based on social media platform detection before users reported to them.
According to a report released on May 31, Facebook detected 53,200 incidences of hate speech in April, up 37.82 percent from the 38,600 cases it detected in March and took action on. According to the report, Instagram took action on 77,000 violent and incitement-related posts in April, up from 41,300 in March.

"We track how many pieces of content (such as posts, images, videos, or comments) we take down for violating our guidelines. This measure demonstrates the scope of our enforcement efforts.

"Actions could include removing a piece of content from Facebook or Instagram, or covering photographs or videos with a warning that may be unpleasant to some audiences," the report stated.

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