Here female soldiers wear men's underwear, reason will surprise you
Here female soldiers wear men's underwear, reason will surprise you

There are many strange cases from all over the world that are amazed. One such case has come from Switzerland, after knowing about which your senses will fly. In fact, there is a peculiar rule that every man has to obey. In Switzerland, women soldiers have to wear men's underwear for quite some time. The reason behind it, which is quite strange. It is said that the participation of women soldiers in this country is low, and that is why such arrangements have been made. There are reports that this rule is now going to change.

Yes, it was being discussed for quite some time. Now, it is said that the Swiss army now wants more women's participation and that is why these rules will now be changed. Because of this rule, women's participation was reduced considerably and, therefore, women soldiers will no longer have to wear men's underwear.

Considering some media reports, a member of the Swiss National Council says that "the changes that are going to be made now can encourage women's to join the army." Well, at present there is only one percent of women soldiers in the Swiss army, but there is a plan for a major change for 20 years. Now, 'the discussion is, the number of women soldiers will be increased by 10 percent.' This is also a major change because women and male soldiers are doing the same duty in Switzerland since 2004 years.

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