Figs: Natural treatment for Asthma

Asthma makes it difficult to breathe; in today's world, most people are experiencing this condition as a result of pollution; if the disease is not treated properly, it may be fatal; thus, today we will discuss several home remedies that can help you overcome asthma.

1- Use fenugreek seeds to get rid of asthma, boil little fenugreek seeds, now strain this water and then add honey and ginger juice to this water and mix well, if you consume this water regularly, it will help you get relief from asthma.
2- If you have asthma, take equal amounts of large cardamom, dates and grapes and grind them, now add a little honey to it and consume it, consuming it daily removes asthma as well as chronic cough.

3- To get rid of asthma, put a little sonth, sendha salt, cumin seeds, roasted asafoetida and tulsi leaves in a pot, now add a little water and boil it, when the water boils well, strain it and consume it, consuming this water regularly will solve the asthma problem.

4- Figs are very beneficial for our health, its intake can also relieve asthma, take dried figs and leave them in water at night, now grind them when you wake up in the morning and consume them, if you consume figs on an empty stomach regularly in the morning, it will also relieve asthma as well as constipation.

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