Film 'Romanticc Tukde' Is Deeply Seeped Into The Reality Of Our Times, says writer Shahzad Ahmed

We have a long tradition of making movies which are deeply seeped into realities of our times. The characters of such films seem so much familiar that they want to make us interact with those familiar looking characters. The magic of realistic cinema is never going to fade away as people see their own reflection in such movies. 'Romanticc Tukde' is also one such film which is deeply seeped in the reality of the film industry and shows magic of cinemas in the 90's which is considered to be the golden period of Hindi cinema.

Written by Shahzad Ahmed, 'Romanticc Tukde' is a film which highlights the relevant issues of our times. It raises the important issue of cinema halls being shut one by one. The look and feel of 'Romanticc Tukde' is real and the characters of the film also resemble people around us, as if we know them since long.

Talking about 'Romanticc Tukde' writer Shahzad Ahmed says, "The more the plots and stories are rooted in our realities and more the characters resembles people living in our society; the more it is attract audiences towards it because audiences don't just want to get entertained with fictional stories but they also want to see the mirror images of themselves on the big screen. Why is it that we have seen Ramlila many times in our life, but still go to see Ramlila. Visit again and again and have a different experience each time. Our film 'Romanticc Tukde' is one such film which has all the ingredients of an entertaining film but at the same time it also talks about a relevant issue of cinema viewing habits of audiences which once reflected the golden era of our industry but now it is in complete shambles."

The film showcases the journey of Hindi cinema of 90's when people used to flock to cinema halls with their families and friends and through black marketing tickets were sold in black outside the cinema halls. People used to struggle to get desired tickets so that they can watch their favorite films in theatres. The film showcases the journey of the golden era of the cinema of the 90's and sadly it also presents the fact and shows how at the latter stage the same cinema halls started getting shut one by one.

Writers Shahzad Ahmed says that director Varadraj Swami has shot 'Romanticc Tukde' as realistically as possible and have visualized the whole film in a way that the audiences will easily relate to the film." The film is a social drama which in its riveting and dramatic story telling, also uses some of the very popular songs of that era which makes the film quite musical in its presentation.

There is no doubt that 'Romanticc Tukde' with its unusual theme and powerful story telling with relatable characters and relevant subject is going to resonate with the audiences.  

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