Find out Love in Vietnam’s Old Flames Market where love letters on sale
Find out Love in Vietnam’s Old Flames Market where love letters on sale

Love is one of the best feelings in life. When you are in love everything become so beautiful but at the same time, Love is impulsive, just like life. Make way to Vietnam’s Old Flames Market and get a taste of it.As we know that when in love, people do things for their beloved to make them feel special. They write letters, exchange gifts and take care of other person’s happiness. On some occasions,


the relationships work and sometimes the tunes don’t match! Failed relationships are painful and more excruciating is going through the memories shared with your beloved like letters once written with myriad promises and much affection and looking at the relics of a gone era.
To ease such forlorn lover’s pain, Vietnam’s Old Flames market (Hanoi) is inviting people to bring their emotional baggage and dump them or sell them!

You can see heartbroken lovers trying to sell clothes, purses and don’t be surprised if you find a tube of toothpaste too (a little too much but true!). Since its opening, the lone lover’s market has gained much importance and gone real viral in the city, especially among Vietnam’s youth.


Founder of this unique market Dinh Thang said, “Young people are more open-minded and they want to share deeply and widely to overcome pain, without suffering alone”. After several bitter breakups, Thang came up with this breakup idea, where he quite proudly showcased his love letters, the love-filled birthday cards and all beautiful scrapbooks from his ex. His plans are big now. After opening the doors to vendors he is planning to open another similar concept shop in Ho Chi Minh City by next year.

Interestingly, people who haven’t been through heartbreaks and emotional breakups yet, the store has an open letter for them, “To all my ex-lovers, I’m sorry because I feel like we never really knew each other”. Another one reads, “I’M FINE!!!” Thang is hoping that this step will bring about a lot of change in the society.

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