Horrific incident: Massive fire breaks out in Covid ward

Once again, due to corona infection, the rush of patients in the hospitals has started increasing. Due to this, there are also reports of accidents due to negligence. Now, the latest case that has come to light recently is from a district in West Bengal. In fact, due to the fire in the hospital here, a female patient admitted to the corona ward died. According to the information received, the hospital management has categorically denied its mistake on the accident. On the other hand, the relatives of the female patient who lost her life, have become in a bad condition. It is being told that other patients of the hospital are also in shock after this accident. This accident is being told of the East Bardhaman district of West Bengal.

In fact, a fire broke out at the Bardhaman Medical College Hospital here late on Friday night. Meanwhile, 60-year-old Sandhya Roy, who was admitted to the Covid-19 ward of the hospital, died of burns in the fire. It is being told that Sandhya was a resident of East Vardhman. She was admitted to the hospital after being infected with corona. Regarding this matter, the hospital management says that the accident happened in V Hours (between 1 and 4 pm) on Friday night. It is being told that the woman was earlier admitted to the Radharani (General) ward of the hospital, however, she was shifted to the Corona ward after the corona infection was confirmed. After the fire, initially, only the relatives of the patients started trying to extinguish the fire, however after the fire spread more, their courage was answered.

After that, a fire brigade personnel was called to the spot and after some time the police also reached the hospital premises. During this time, after a lot of hard work, somehow the fire could be controlled after 1 hour. The hospital management is denying any negligence in this case, however, a committee of 5 people has been formed to investigate the incident.

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