Video: Young man emitting fire from his mouth, suddenly his face caught fire and...
Video: Young man emitting fire from his mouth, suddenly his face caught fire and...

You all must have seen many videos to date which have been shocking. Now even at this time, a video is overshadowed on social sites. The person who watched this video lost their senses. In fact, a man was seen doing a stunt to emit fire from his mouth, although during this time an untoward incident happens to him, which is not easy to trust. In the video that is currently going viral on the internet, you can see a man walking around on the roadside with a fire-burnt stick in his hand and dozens of people are roaming around him.


At the same time, he shows the stunt of emitting fire from his mouth, but for him, this stunt proves to be fatal. During this time, as soon as he tried to blow in front of the fire stick, there was a terrible fire in his mouth. Yes, and for a few seconds, he was seen suffering and then extinguished the fire from his face. You can see the flames on his mouth and he starts to panic.

In this video, the stuntman hits his own face several times and tries to calm the flames from his face. Yes, however, after many attempts, he finally gets success. At the same time, a person standing nearby came and helped him but by then the fire had calmed down. This video has been shared on Twitter by an account named @_BestVideos which is surprising everyone.

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