First tourist cruise line launches between Libya and Turkey

Tripoli: Libyan Minister of Transportation Mohamed al-Shohobi has opened the first tourist cruise line between Libya and Turkey, the first journey of its type in Libya in over 20 years, according to a statement released by the Ministry of Transportation. The cruise line, which began operations on Wednesday, is part of the Libyan government's efforts to foster public-private partnerships.

"The Government of National Unity has helped to overcome all of the challenges and obstacles that this endeavour has experienced," the statement read.

"In collaboration with the Egyptian, Tunisian, and Moroccan governments, we are in the midst of adopting many special measures to open tourist cruise lines in the near future," al-Shohobi stated. According to reports, the new cruise line would run between Misurata, Libya, and Izmir, Turkey.

"Even though it is not summer, there is a high demand for this cruise line. There are approximately 220 passengers on the initial trip, which takes approximately 48 hours "The storey also mentions Taha Hadid, a spokeswoman for the Misurata naval station.

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