Dead body of 5 children found in an apartment, police investigating

Sep 04 2020 11:07 AM
Dead body of 5 children found in an apartment, police investigating

Recently a case of crime has surfaced from Solingen in West Germany. The bodies of five children have been found in a flat in a residential area. In this regard, the police say, "They suspect the 27-year-old mother of the children". The police say that the woman tried to kill herself near a railway station of Dusseldorf. The police have not yet clarified the reason for the death of the children, but until now the forensic department has evidence of strangulation.

The apartment where the dead bodies are found is located in a residential area in the Hasseldale area. According to police, they received a phone call at about 45 minutes local time. After that, they went to the scene and after seeing the dead bodies their senses flew away. Among the children who died there are three girls and two boys. The age of the children ranged from one year to eight years. It is being told that girls are 1, 2 and 3 years old, while boys are 6 and 8 years old.

There are also reports that they also had a sixth child who is 11 years old, he has survived. In this case, the police said that the grandmother of the children lives about 60 km from the apartment. Police spokesperson Stephen said, "The mother of the children was seriously injured while trying to kill herself. Now the police is trying to find the reason behind all this".

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